Lean Manufacturing Quotes: Expedite Your CNC Machine Casting Quote

Covert Manufacturing is committed to getting you the fastest and most accurate CNC machined casting quote.  We realize that getting a quick, accurate quote will make it more likely that you’ll get business from new OEM’s.  Here are a few simple tips for expediting your quote:

1.  Make sure that you submit a blueprint and/or CAD machined casting model.  This will help us understand how difficult the part will be to machine, the requirements for fixture design, what the part will look like, and other important factors.

2.  Submit a casting genealogy that includes information about the OEM, a date for SOP, and the program, platform or model.  It should also answer these questions:

  • Has the part been quoted before?
  • Is the part currently in production?
  • Are there any casting design concerns?

3. Let us know about the specifications and grade for materials used.  Include any quality-related specifications, which will give us a better understanding of what you expect.  Please include any additional specification regarding, painting, coating, heat-treating, or any additional process requirements such as washing, assembly, etc..

4.  Include the annual volume and weight for casting.  The exact weight will let us provide you with quotes that are similar to what other machine shops might be providing, and annual volume helps us provide the best price and process.

5. Make sure that you include all necessary contact information!  A valid name, email address and phone number will let us contact you immediately if we have questions about your CNC machined casting quote.

Lean Manufacturing Quotes