Miscellaneous Equipment

There are numerous unique fixtures that can be employed to augment and complete your production process.

• Heat Wave Press
• Hot Stamp/Air Bag Labeler
• Pinch Roller
• Bezel Crimpers
• Interlocked Screwdrivers
• Glue Gun Integration
• Optional Touch Screen Interface
• Ethernet/Internet Connectivity
• Heat Stake
• Ultrasonic Welding
• Hydraulic/Pneumatic

As with any machinery – safety remains paramount. Guards are conveniently placed, functional and attractive. While your parts can be captured until the correct operation has been performed, safety interlocks on the guarding will ensure the operator remains safe and prevent operation with exposed moving parts.

These precise machined products will meet your pattern tooling needs. We are committed to working with our clients on all of our miscellaneous sub assembly equipment and automated equipment.

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