Robotic Integration and Process Automation

At Covert Manufacturing, we have leveraged our experience in CNC machining and pattern tooling to build and operate robotic integration systems. Our robotics integration cells can outperform workers in both strength and complexity with process automation. Having harnessed the capabilities of our pattern tooling experience, we now implement these robotic cells internally to drive value to our customers.

robotic integration

Our automated robotic cells can perform the following functions:

• Equipment loading
• Equipment unloading
• Machinery inspection
• Machinery production

We are now capable of building robotically integrated manufacturing cells with multiple pieces of CNC equipment to drive value to our customers. By automating the manufacturing process, our robotics systems integration optimizes for maximum equipment utilization and minimum labor utilization.

Covert specializes in advanced machining and tooling equipment. This new value-added process is one of many ways we provide lean manufacturing and cost effective material management.

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