Our Pattern Tooling Services: Proven Methods & Skilled Craftsmen

Modern pattern tooling equipment for high-quality products

Covert Manufacturing invests in modern pattern tooling equipment to produce high-quality products for our clients.

Covert Manufacturing has the ability to provide electrical control panels that meet industry standards and your timetable. Whatever the specification, or pattern tooling & CNC machining solutions will provide you with solid equipment that functions properly and safely.

The use of a high quality duplicating model assures consistency and repeatability. Our use of the finest materials, sensible, time proven methods and skilled craftsmen assures that every waterjet holding fixture and master duplication model will perform exactly as it was designed.

Our techniques of electric heating yields a mold of unrivaled uniformity and reliability, without abandoning the ability to modify it should design requirements change.

Since 1967, Covert Manufacturing has been dedicated to producing foundry patterns and coreboxes to the most exacting specifications for the most demanding applications in the industry. Our pattern tooling and CNC machining skills are the perfect solution to your foundry tooling and permanent mold requirements.

An In-Vehicle Position Check Fixture forms a template that precisely coordinates the locations of components throughout the entire product, as well as their respective assembly points, so that every part goes exactly where it’s supposed to go.

Sub assembly equipment can be designed for manual or robotic applications. The rugged simplicity of our design, combined with our use of reliable components, assures problem free operation.

Contact the professionals at Covert Manufacturing  and let us help you with pattern tooling.

Pattern Tooling