Foundry Pattern Tooling & Permanent CNC Machined Molds

The perfect solution to your foundry tooling and permanent mold requirements

Since 1967, Covert Manufacturing has been dedicated to producing foundry patterns and coreboxes to the most exacting specifications for the most demanding applications in the industry. Our pattern tooling and CNC machining skills are the perfect solution to your foundry tooling and permanent mold requirements.

From flat back wooden matchplates, aluminum cast to size matchplates, to Cope and Drag or Disamatic tools machined from solid blocks of tool steel, Covert is ready to provide your tooling needs.

Coreboxes for oil sand, any of the No-bake systems, shell or any other process with blow plates, gassing manifolds and intricate ejector plates are all in a days work for our craftsmen.

In addition to the production of tools in wood, repro, aluminum, cast iron or steel, we also produce and keep in stock a full range of pattern iron plates wipers, core masks and attachment hardware for any size of Disamatic Vertical Flaskless molding machine.

If you are looking for experienced manufacturers to meet your foundry pattern and corebox needs, contact Covert Manufacturing today.