GD&T Gauges/Checking Fixtures

Precisely coordinate the locations of components through your entire product

GD&T Gauges

An In-Vehicle Position Check Fixture forms a template that precisely coordinates the locations of components throughout the entire product, as well as their respective assembly points, so that every part goes exactly where it’s supposed to go.

We can also include the means to confirm critical measurements, log data and automatically change pieces as required for quality conformance.

If you are interested in our precise GD&T gauges and checking features, get started by requesting a quote.

  • CMM gauges
  • GD&T
  • Attribute checking
  • End of line

Checking FixturesA part is only as good as its inspection. Our precise and certified checking fixtures allow the evaluation of many data points in a quick and rational manner. We can also include the means to measure and even log critical measures, as determined by your product’s specifications.

We can include any of the following optional features to make your checking fixtures more effective:


GDT Gauge

  • CMM certification
  • Templates
  • Gage pins
  • Trim lines
  • Data logging
  • Indicators
  • Trunnion & rollover style fixtures