Compression Molds/Blow Molds/Trim Dies

compression molds

Our compression molds can handle all the requirements of your program and we work with the following materials to meet your needs.

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Billet Aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Other Exotic Materials

Solid aluminum billets offer unparalleled ease of design and manufacture. With little concern for “metal safe” issues, any shape may be easily produced. For durability and ruggedness, cast iron is the material of choice.

Our molding techniques of electric heating yields a mold of unrivaled uniformity and reliability, without abandoning the ability to modify it should design requirements change.

We can incorporate the following heating and cooling compression molding solutions to meet your requirements.

  • Electric Heat
  • Fluid Heat
  • Fluid Cooled
  • Compression
  • Form and Trim
  • Pinch Trim
  • Foam in Place
  • RIM
  • Packaging Foam
  • Vacuum
  • Rotational

blow moldstrim dies


Trim Dies

pattern tooling

Covert has an extensive background in automotive soft parts for by-pass Trim Tool Products. Our industry leading tools represent the ultimate in trim tooling available in the industry with unsurpassed accuracy and longevity. These tools provide a technology and toughness to last the life of the program. Covert provides both sharp edge, contoured, heated and bypass trim tools with multiple cams and electrical poke-yoke sequence.

We encourage the test cutting of your unique materials to establish the correct cutting clearance to produce the cleanest possible trimmed parts. Our reputation of achieving and maintaining long term mutually beneficial relationships requires we go the extra mile for the success of your current programs and to ensure we are considered first on upcoming projects. With our R&D capabilities, we can mold, trim, and trial all tooling built.

Tools of this size, complexity and cost require attention to detail throughout the development, build and installation process. Working with our parts designer from the earliest possible moment, our sales engineers will massage CAD data, suggest changes and improvements to part geometry that make the part trim friendly. As needed, we can manufacture die sets in-house ranging from plain bearing to roller cage type with corner heels to improve press guidance or use cast based for heavier style dies. Carbon tool steels are then precisely machined utilizing the latest in high-speed hard machining, grinding and EDM processes resulting in tools of superior quality and consistency. All aspects of the production environment and process are considered, from tool weight limitation through to part slug clearance/conveyors to in tool verification.

Our industry leading team is ready to assist you on your most demanding project applications.


Blow Molding

cnc machining
covert manufacturing

Your blow molding needs are unique as your product. When you choose Covert as your mold making partner for blow molds, you don’t have to compromise on quality, delivery or cost. Advanced manufacturing processes and new machining techniques have helped us to cut delivery times and costs to unprecedented levels.

Our critical knowledge of the entire blow molding process is what separates Cover Manufacturing from other mold manufacturers. Whatever your specific application is, our “concept to completion” involvement ensures that we can deliver a precision mold for a wide variety of containers or parts, with different resins or designs, for any process and brand of blow molding machine.

In addition to molds, we can also provide:

  • Deflash fixtures
  • Trim fixtures
  • Check fixtures
  • Advanced in-mold technology

Contact us and learn how our compression molding services can work for you.