Sub Assembly Equipment/Automated Equipment

Sub Assembly Equipment

Sub Assembly EquipmentSub assembly equipment can be designed for manual or robotic applications. The rugged simplicity of our design, combined with use of reliable components, assures problem free operation.

As production begins, your need for more sophisticated assembly fixtures increases and our ability to add complex mechanisms to simplify the process is limited only by your imagination. We offer the following optional equipment to meet your requirements.

  • Swing Mechanisms – Fully Automatic, Semiautomatic, Vacuum Part Holding, Balanced for 1 Pound of Force, and Pull Tests
  • Poka Yokes and PLC Controls
  • Movable/Changeable Parts

Our method of designing a fixture with change pieces can sometimes dramatically reduce the number of connections that are needed for change-over. We utilize Common Vacuum Cups and Part-Presence Sensor locations and, frequently, we can switch to a new version using only the bolts that hold the inserts in place. Additionally, we are capable of programing the PLC to automatically update the program to sense changes assuring that the entire change was completed and to inspect for the correct set of options without any input from the operator.

Our guards allow safe operation during production but are easily removed for servicing of machinery. We offer guarding for fully robotic production or for safe operation by an individual operator. Our safety devices and interlocks are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Our use of a cable-style Emergency Stop Switch allows rapid access from any position near the machine.

Edge Fold & Edge Wrap

Edge Fold WrapThe edge fold machine eliminates the need for extra trim to cover product edges. You simply provide the math data describing your fold and Covert will provide a fixture that delivers a smooth, finished look, automatically.

We can provide tooling using the material that satisfies your design and production requirements. Whether it is the flexibility of composite or the durability of aluminum, our skilled team of tooling designers and equipment technicians will build a fixture to meet your specifications.

Composite Technologies

Composite Technologies

Within the reinforced plastics world we have developed tools for our post modeling applications as well as molding applications. We provide a variety of systems for solving the requirements of your specific part of assembly. Our drilling, bonding, routing and process handling experience provide us the proper tools to address your application.

Miscellaneous Equipment

There are several unique fixtures that can be employed to augment and complete your production process.

  • Heat Wave Press
  • Hot Stamp/Air Bag Labeler
  • Pinch Roller
  • Bezel Crimpers
  • Interlocked Screwdrivers
  • Glue Gun Integration
  • Optional Touch Screen Interface
  • Ethernet/Internet Connectivity
  • Heat Stake
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic

As with any machinery – safety remains paramount. GWe place guards conveniently to maximize functionality and attractiveness. If a safety issue does occur, the guarding allows the operator to remain safe by preventing exposure to moving parts, while, concurrently, the parts can be captured until the appropriate operation is performed.

Flexible Automation (Robotics)

In our value driven commitment, we offer automation that become long term assets by integrating quick change out systems, programmable devices for multiple applications and robotics for labor reduction. Each application enjoys its own challenge; we approach your needs with ALL options. We have found that your environment will drive us to look for the right solution for your needs.

Flexible Automation Robotics

Turnkey Solutions

Our experience in creative manufacturing allows us to look forward to creating the custom solutions to bring you product to market. We work alongside you, our customers, from the early concept stages to floor plan cell optimization. Our capabilities are defined in each specialty area and many of our projects are complete turnkey systems. Our customers have come to rely on us for our on time, on budget tooling that is delivered and supported until succesful production and on line operation.

Our commitment to our customers adds value to their long term success and growth, making a measureable difference that the industry relies on.

If you are shopping for reliable automated sub assembly equipment, contact Covert Manufacturing and learn how we can serve your needs.

Let us help you on your next project for innovative cost-effective solutions.

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