Tooling Solutions

Compression Molding

We can handle all the requirements for your program and we work with the following materials to meet your needs.
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Billet Aluminum
  • Cast Aluminum



Duplicating Models / Patterns

The use of high quality duplicating model assures consistency and repeatability in every step of the headline production.  Our use of high quality materials, sensible, time proven methods and skilled craftsmen assure that every fixture and nest will perform exactly as it was designed to.



Checking Fixtures

A part is only as good as its inspection. Our precise and certified checking fixtures all the evaluation of many data points in a quick and rational manner. We can also include the means to measure and even log critical measurements, as determined by your products specifications.




Water Jet Fixture

Our Tooling Division produces water jet fixtures that firmly support that product, enabling it to be cut within the most exacting tolerances. 



EA Foam Fixture

Our automated EA foam machines can be designed for manual or robotic glue applications.  The rugged simplicity of our design, with our use of reliable components assures problem free operation.




Electrical Check Fixtures

We have the ability to build a computerized, electrical continuity tester the sends impulses down the line to make sure that bulbs operate, the polarity is correct, and all wiring goes where it should.  And it can be designed to shut down automatically when it discovers an error, so faulty systems are repaired before continuing down the line. 



Edge Fold Fixtures

The edge fold machine eliminates the need for extra trim to cover headline edges.  You simply provide the math data describing your fold, and Covert will provide a fixture that delivers a smooth, finished look, automatically. 




EOL / In-Vehicle Check Fixtures

The In-Vehicle Check Fixture forms a template that precisely coordinates the locations of the components throughout the entire headliner, as well as their respective assembly points, so that every part goes exactly where it's supposed to go.




Miscellaneous Fixtures

There are numerous unique fixtures that can be employed to augment and complet your productions process. These include:

  • Heat Wave Press
  • Hot Stamp / Air Bag Labler
  • Pinch Roller
  • Glue / Component Assembly with optional Laser Location
  • Visor Assembly
  • Console Assembly


Blow Molding

Technological capabilities and versatile experience allow us to offer molds having the design and function that you desire.  Whether for prototypes of full production, we design and build compression molds for automotive parts and other products that will be produced by blow molding, foam molding and permanent molding. 



Quality Certifications

Quality certifications illustrates the successful implementation of our commitment "to make it right the first time, every time, on time and continually improve." We are proud to be Quality Certified in:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 17025:2005