The Latest, Most Advanced CNC Machining & Pattern Tooling

At Covert Manufacturing, we know that using the latest technology can make a world of difference. Using vertical, horizontal and lathe machinery, we have the flexibility to offer manufacturing services for a variety of parts. Specifically, here are some of the investments we’ve made in the latest technology:

  • Fanuc robotics
  • Makino horizontal machine centers
  • Daewoo CNC lathes
  • Daewoo vertical machine centers

Further cementing our commitment to using the latest technology and providing value to our customers, we also offer added value services. These include assembly, as well as outside processes like heat-treating, welding, painting and more.

advanced CNC machining

In addition to our technology, we also employ a team of people who have the technical and practical skills to use this technology. Our team is constantly striving to provide you with the best products and services available.

No matter what your needs are our team always ensures a quality product and will work closely with you to meet your specifications.

If you’re interested in learning more about our company and capabilities, contact us today.

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